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Creative Writing Workshops

This workshop is creative, energising, crazy, engaging and fun. If you’re up for sharing ideas and inspiration with diverse lovely fellow writers, tune in!
Patrick Wilson – Workshop Participant
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Our weekly creative writing workshops are hosted by Isa Lei and Xi-mali Kadeena-Guscoth and bring together a myriad of creative writing exercises and task in order to bring comfort to writing and and foster community and fun. If you would like to join our sessions are on Thursday evenings either at 7 or 8pm GMT.

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Some kind words:

Writing has never been my strongest suit… I’ve always felt scared of putting pen on paper… probably because the pen is mightier than the sword and I have no idea how to wield it. In this course I was able to not only feel comfortable putting pen to paper but also sharing what I had written. And turns out I’m not going around slaying people either” – Maham


“The workshops led by Xim and Isa are encouraging, engaging and enjoyable. Having simple briefs and timed exercises has helped me reconnect with the pleasure of creative writing, undermining the deamons of perfectionism and procrastination that often pounce preceding pencil pressing paper.” – Ben