Samba Drumming

2 Hrs – 16+

In person

Equipment provided

This workshop teaches music used in Brazilian Carnival Traditions used mainly in Rio De Janeiro the birthplace of Samba, and Bahia which is home to Afro-Brazilian parade traditions such as Afoxe and Samba Reggae.

We can cater for up to 20 participants and provide a history of the styles, basic playing technique and patterns and sheet music.

This workshop is good if: Your group wants to understand Brazilian Carnival music and the dynamics and structures of Brazilian carnival drumming.

This workshop can be adapted for different purposes and can be used both in a school/university context or for participants who want to create their own samba groups and would like some simple structures to get started.

“The drumming workshops by Pumpkin Jigsaw are great fun and sometimes I leave with the feeling of wanting more! Xi-mali keeps the teaching environment very friendly and relaxed, whilst still keeping us at pace and in sync with each other both in music and in energy.” – Renata

Writing and You!

1.5 hrs Either for young people or for 18+

In person or Online

Equipment: Pen and Paper

The Writing and You! workshops are all about cultivating a passion for creative writing in your life. Aimed at groups the writing brings about short exercises that bring ideas, connection, both with you and the written word and also a connection to the group you are with as we share this space together.

This workshop is good for you if: You would like more confidence in writing. Would like to learn more creative writing styles, would like to connect more with a group.

“The workshops led by Xi-mali and Isa are encouraging, engaging and enjoyable. Having simple briefs and timed exercises has helped me reconnect with the pleasure of creative writing, undermining the deamons of perfectionism and procrastination that often pounce preceding pencil pressing paper.” – Ben


Pumpkin Jigsaw outside Hackney Town Hall

Sampling using FOSS

1-1.5 hrs, 12+

In person or Online

Equipment: Smartphone & computer with special software required

This workshop teaches how you can record your own sounds and create music with them. Using easy to access technology, a smartphone to record sounds and some free software for both cutting and adjusting your samples and turning them into musical patterns.

This is good for you if: You want to learn how to capture sound samples, you want to experiment with music from sounds that you capture. You want to sample your own instruments. You want a basic introduction in to cutting and exporting music.

“I found the workshops an incredible opportunity to learn about using my favourite everyday sounds to compose songs. The teaching was first class – making complicated topics easy to access – and it was fun to work with a group swapping ideas and learning from each others' experiences. My new found skills will be useful for as long as I'm still playing music.” Will

Drumming performance group

2hrs, 18+

£10 per workshop

In person

Equipment provided

Our drumming performance is similar to the samba drumming workshops. This time with being a performing group as well. We rehearse and learn drumming to a professional level and occasional bring in other musicians during the creative process.

This is good for you if: You have a passion for carnival, parades or drumming and would like to do performances. You have an interested for developing your art form, for yourself and for the group.

“Rehearsing with Pumpkin Jigsaw is a great opportunity to learn how to play samba drums as part of a group to a high standard. It takes some practice and dedication, but being able to perform our sets to a live audience is fun and extremely satisfying.” – Cal

Children’s Workshops

Many of our workshops can be adapted to suit children’s activities. Get in touch and we can let you know.

“A big thank you to Xi-mali from Pumpkin Jigsaw for delivering lovely Samba percussion session to the children of Mildmay Community Centre youth club. The children participated enthusiastically and enjoyed the experience. Xi-mali engaged the children very well with a lesson in percussion, and a talk regarding the history of samba.  Overall, it was a great enrichment activity for the young people.” -Sam Parrington – Lead youth worker – Mildmay Community Centre