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Samba Ceildh NHS Demo

NHS Demo Write Up – 3rd of February 2018

The “NHS in Crisis: Fix it Now!” Demonstration was created in response to “underfunding” and backdoor privatisation that has become apparent during the Jeremy’s Hunt time as Health Care Secretary for the Conservative Party Government. This has led to ambulance delays, not being able to give patients beds, postponed operations and patients taken “hundreds of miles to find a bed”. Although Jeremy Hunt says that access to healthcare will be free at the point of delivery, many people believe that due to his actions as Health Secretary the NHS is less accessible to those who need it.

This Demonstration was our first combined Samba Ceilidh outing. Enlisting members from the SOAS Ceilidh Band which formed the first two lines of the band and members from the Pumpkin Jigsaw Samba Band creating two lines at the back. We very quickly realised that cold and wet conditions are not ideal ceilidh instruments with members covering their instruments under coats when we had stopped playing.

One violinist aimed to use a little umbrella as we played to find that it blocked the vision of the players behind her. With the breaking of strings and the covering of instruments the players still came of beaming with excitement throughout the march as we played with and without chanting accompaniment. The drums dominating the sound behind the band though being in front or to the side allowed you to hear both.  Feedback from members included “Fun, Worthwhile, Damp, Wicked etc…”