Past Projects

This page is dedicated to some of the really cool projects we have been proud to be on in the past, from our youth work to carnival performances and musical work.

We hope you enjoy hearing about some of these as we have had fun in every step of the process, trying new ideas that based on performing and in having fun. Two of the strongest aspects of carnival practice.

This page is currently in development. We're excited to share our juicy projects and creations with you.

Figo Metal

An EP made during the corona virus pandemic when we couldn't meet up to play. The album was made using Hydrogen Drum Machine and by sampling our instruments.


A little bit of lockdown fun at home. A four part video series for young people and the whole family to create music and share ideas all from the comfort of your own home.

The Beat Exchange

Our first foray into funded projects as a team. Working with young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds to share music and ideas together. This page and report is a little academic but we hope you enjoy it.