Drumming Workshops

Come join Pumpkin Jigsaw to learn and perform carnival drumming! We are diverse group drumming enthusiasts who enjoy communicating and connecting through music and want to share this with you.
We teach drumming rhythms used in Brazilian Carnival music at all levels from, from very beginner to advanced, as well as exploring carnival culture from Rio to Bahia. 
Our weekly workshops at Mildmay Community Centre are for adults of any musical experience. Never picked up a drum before but want to learn – come along! A seasoned caixa player who misses playing in a group, you’re most welcome! 
We rehearse as a performance band so if you’re new be prepared to get thrown in the deep end, but you will have the support of all the more experienced players and soon enough will be confidently playing along.
We meet for the joy of playing together, learning together and creating fun bouncy beats. We have a set which we rehearse and develop every week and perform at gigs throughout the year. Our gigs range from community workshops with kids to stage sets at churches, carnival parades to highly produced parties.


Sundays 2:30-4:30pm, Mildmay Community Centre, N16 8NA

Your first workshop is free! (£10 per workshop normally)